This is a sideblog dedicated to guinea pigs. I frequently upload photos and gifs of my own pigs Billy, Millie and Molly.

I'm happy to answer any questions you have about guinea pigs, anon or not :)

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Anonymous asked:
can i tag you in stuff?

Sure, you can tag me in guinea pig related posts :)

Billie in 2012.

Billie in 2012.





This is my newest addition! I havent named her yet, so suggestions are welcome! It’s been three entire months since my chester passes away, and i’ve missed him every second of everyday. But today when I saw this little one, and held her in my arms, i knew she was the one. She was sent from him I just know it! isn’t she the cutest?



Love this little guy.

Anonymous asked:
so cute and fat!

The perfect description of a guinea pig haha :)

Hello, we’d like some cucumber?

Anonymous asked:
Hello ! Your piggies are sooo cute ! What is the kind of fabric that replace the hemp or straw in their cage ? And where is it sold ?

Hello :) I use fleece blankets, you can buy them at a lot of home improvement stores and fabric stores. I also use cotton bedding, you can find it at most pet stores, the brand I use is called ‘Cotton Comfort’. 

My guinea pigs like to steal cucumbers..

This is crazy! Thanks guys!