This is a sideblog dedicated to guinea pigs. I frequently upload photos and gifs of my own pigs Billy, Millie and Molly.

I'm happy to answer any questions you have about guinea pigs, anon or not :)

Important: tumblr eats a lot of asks, if I haven't answered your question in two days it probably never arrived, just send it to me again!


Millie, Molly and a pig.


Lily, Penny and Bonnie <3


Lily, Penny and Bonnie <3

Selfie time with Billy!

Anonymous asked:
where do you come from?

Well it’s a bit tricky haha, I grew up in Asia, but I went to British schools and lived in a sort of British community, then I finished school in Holland, and now I’m living in Germany :)

Molly is six months old today, yay! I thought it was a great opportunity for a weigh day. 

Billy: 4 years and 5 months old - 748 g / 1.6 pounds

Millie: 3 months old - 659 g / 1.5 pounds

Molly: 6 months - 949 g / 2.1 pounds

So basically Molly is HUGE already and she’ll keep growing for at least another year haha. I can’t wait to see what she’ll weigh when she’s fully grown.

Millie is at a really good weight for her age, and I know that Billy doesn’t weigh much for an adult piggy but she’s always been this small and she’s still going strong!

Anonymous asked:
I have had my guinea pig Lola for about 9 months and she is still super scared of everything. Do you know how to help your guinea pig to feel more comfortable with you?

Hello :) You need to have lots of food and lots of patience! It also helps to put them in a basket or a small box without a lid when you pick them up instead of on your lap. They feel safe in their own little box, just put a towel or a blanket in there for comfort :) I’d recommend picking your pig up everyday and put her in there with some of her favorite veggies and pet her while she eats. Do this often and she will start associating you with food. It will probably take a while before she starts enjoying every interaction, every pig has their own personality and some guinea pigs just aren’t that social. Some pigs will become your best friend within a week, but with some pigs it can take weeks, even months before they start trusting you. Just be patient :)

I hope this helps, good luck!

Anonymous asked:
sorry weird question but what nail polish are you wearing?

The glittery one? That’s the Urban Outfitters ‘Wings’ nail polish, but it’s on top of a coat of simple black nail polish :)

Molly enjoying a chin rub.

Anonymous asked:
why isnt billy in the watermelon gifs?

It’s because she doesn’t like watermelon haha, I tried it but she kept moving away:


Millie and Molly enjoying some watermelon on a hot day.